Video Tutorial for DIY Stenciled Lampshade Personalization

Is your lampshade missing a little something? Spruce it up with a fresh Abstract Foliage stencil from My Crafty Stencils!

In this tutorial we show you how to use acrylic paint on a fabric lampshade! All it takes is mixing half as much Americana Fabric Painting Medium into your acrylic paint. From there, put some spray adhesive on the back of your stencil and begin lining it up on your project. We recommend using painter's tape along the outer edges of the stencil to keep your paint within the stencil design.

Take your stencil brush and swirl it into a bit of paint, then swirl the paint off your bristles onto a piece of paper towel. If you are familiar with our stencil projects then you should know the most important thing about stenciling; The Dry Brush Technique.

The Dry Brush Technique is the difference between a bleeding stencil design & a job well done. By building your color lightly in many coats, your design will come out crisp without build around the edges of your stencil. When you stencil with a brush that feels wet to the touch, the paint will seep beneath the edges of your stencil making it look all wrong.

Another thing to look out for is paint build on your stencil. When using a stencil for multiple repeats a bit of planning can go a long way. As you stencil you may notice the holes in the design beginning to shrink from paint build. This will cause your Abstract foliage to shrink as well. If you find this happening it is a good idea to take a break as you soak your stencil in warm water. After a bit, gently rub the paint off of the stencil, rinse, dry, & then continue repeating the design. That way the shapes will remain uniform.

Remember to take your time & you will have a marvelous design. For the supplies used in this video please see the links below.

Let your creativity shine!