How to Stencil a Damask Motif Wall Hanger

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Here is a crafty way to turn any old wall hanger into a stylish damask accent piece on any wall or door! Stenciled with Emperor's Gold Americana Acrylic Paint this damask motif is sure to catch the eye of your guests and visitors. For this craft you will need the following tools:

Damask Motif Craft Stencil -
Repositionable Adhesive Spray -
Craft Stencil Brushes -
Frog Tape Painter's Change -
Americana Matte Finish Acrylic Sealer -
Americana Acrylic Craft Paints: Napa Red -
Indian Turquoise -
Emperor's Gold -
Glorious Gold -

Start off by spraying the back of your Damask Motif wall stencil with Repositionable Spray Adhesive. Give the Repositionable Spray Adhesive 30-60 seconds to become tacky before pressing it to the wall. In the meantime, use a screwdriver to remove the wall hanger. Now press the stencil in place so the bottom of the damask overlaps with the top of the hanger.

Put a bit of Napa Red Americana acrylic paint onto a paper plate, swirl the paint into the brush bristles, then swirl the excess paint off onto a piece of paper towel. The bristles should feel just about dry to the touch before you start stenciling. Lightly swirl this red into the stencil design. This will shade the color of gold that you will stencil over the red. For parts of the design near the edges of the stencil use a few pieces of Frog Tape Painters Tape to keep from getting paint on the wall.

Now stencil a coat of Emperor's Gold Americana acrylic paint over the red. Just the same as before, swirl paint into your brush and the excess off onto paper towel. This dry brush technique prevents the paint from bleeding beneath the edges of the stencil. Everytime you take more paint onto your stencil brush you will need to swirl the excess paint off onto paper towel.

Once you have a full coat of Emperor's Gold acrylic paint on your design try shading Indian Turquoise at the center of the petals of the damask and Napa Red at the edges. This will bring the colors out in the last coat of gold and create a more varied, patina style.

Swirl another coat of Emperor's Gold over the stencil design. Once you have coated the colors, swirl in the lighter Glorious Gold acrylic paint around the center of the design. Then remove the stencil.

Carefully line the stencil back up over the design and mask off the wall hook with Frog Tape Painters Tape. Make sure the stencil is as flat as possible over the design then bounce the stencil brush up and down using the stipple method to paint the hook Emperor's Gold.

Remove the stencil once more then color the top of the hook in Emperor's Gold acrylic paint. Peel off the Frog Tape Painters Tape then coat the design in a coat of Americana craft sealer.

Time to hang up your smock because that's it, you're done! Just another fun and simply way to bring more color into your life with My Crafty Stencils! Make sure you subscribe and visit to browse our products!

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