Home Sweet Home Stenciled Fabric Placemat

Home Decor Placemat

Adorn your plain placemats with a Home Sweet Home stencil design from My Crafty Stencils! Stenciling onto fabric is an easy way to add some color to your decor. You will need the following tools: Home Sweet Home Craft Stencil - https://bit.ly/2SPJqTA Americana Fabric Painting Medium - https://bit.ly/2DKkc4p Americana Avocado Acrylic Paint - https://bit.ly/2TIZ6Z0 Americana Hauser Medium Green Acrylic Paint - https://bit.ly/2CgdYah Americana Black Acrylic Paint - https://bit.ly/2POD1GS White Bristle Stencil Brush - https://bit.ly/2M75Hd9 Repositionable Spray Adhesive - https://bit.ly/2yFQoBK Frog Tape Painter's Tape - https://bit.ly/2OtyDkb Start by spraying the back of your stencil with Repositionable Spray Adhesive. Use the repositionable spray adhesive from about 8-12 inches away to for a few seconds. Give the spray 30 seconds to become tacky before using your stencil on the surface of your project. Put your stencil on the approximate center of the placemat then use a ruler to center it. Measure how far the stencil is from the edges of the placemat then press it to the surface when it is centered. Use Frog Tape painters tape around the edges of the stencil to keep from stenciling outside of the design. When painting with different colors, determine which element you will be painting first. Let's start with the lettering. Mask the other elements of the design like the vine and flowers. Mix Americana Hauser Medium Green with Americana Fabric Medium using your stencil brush. Once the fabric paint is mixed, swirl the excess paint off of your brush onto a piece of paper towel. The stencil brush should feel about dry to the touch before you begin painting the design. Take your time as you swirl the stencil brush through the letters of the stencil design. Stenciling a surface is different from painting because applying the paint is a more gradual process. This is to prevent excess paint from seeping beneath the details of the stencil. Paint seeping beneath the stencil is a process known as bleeding. It takes a few light coats of paint to completely fill in the design. Swirl in the paint until you reach the desired color and fill. Now mask off the the lettering and flowers to stencil the vines of the design. Mix Americana Avocado acrylic paint with Americana Fabric Painting Medium using a fresh stencil brush. Swirl the excess paint onto paper towel and swirl the paint through the design. We did not mask the buds of the design to stencil up to the base of each flower with the smaller stencil brush. Just the same as the lettering, swirl and build the color of the design until you reach full coverage. Remove the Frog Tape from the flowers to stencil them. The color we want to use is a toned down Americana Melon acrylic paint. To do this we will be using a tiny drop of black acrylic paint. The tiniest drop of black goes a long way. Swirl the paint color together before mixing the paint into the Americana Fabric Medium. After mixing the paint, swirl the excess off onto a piece of paper towel, and stencil the buds & flowers onto the placemat. This design can be replicated on all of your placemats by repeating the steps. Now you have the tools to make a matching set! If you enjoyed this project visit https://www.mycraftystencils.com/ and visit https://mycraftystencils.wordpress.com/ for a step-by-step tutorial! Let your creativity shine!

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