Stencil Snowflakes on Windows with Temporary Snow Frost

Christmas Snowflakes

Easily decorate windows in snowflakes for the winter season with! Use Santa Snow Frost to temporarily decorate any glass surface in snowflakes. The Artificial Snow Frost is a quick way to get ready for the holidays and cleans up easily with just a damp rag.

Start with your stencils and a clean window
Everything you need is listed below, or try using our kit:

  • Snowflakes Craft Kit-
  • Artificial Snow Frost for Glass -
  • Fern Snowflake Stencil -
  • Stellar Snowflake Stencil -
  • Twelve-Sided Star Snowflake Stencil -
  • Repositionable Spray Adhesive -

Apply repositionable spray adhesive to the back of your stencils

Before starting make sure your windows are clean and dry. Begin by preparing your snowflake stencils with a coat of repositionable spray adhesive. Apply the spray from 8-12 inches away in a well-ventilated area. Give the spray 30-60 seconds to dry before pressing to the windows. The spray will give the stencils a sticky back that will hold them in place as you stencil.

Press your stencils firmly into position
Press your stencils firmly into position on your glass surface. All of the design details should be pressed down flat. We are using multiple snowflake stencils so we arrange them in position at once but you can use the same stencil over and over again as well.

Use a spray box to use the temporary snow spray

To prevent any Snow Frost spray from going outside of the stencil we are using a spray box to contain the mist. Make a spray box by pushing out the bottom of a small bow and hold it to the glass around the stencil. Shake your can of Snow Frost spray and apply it inside the box.

Then peel off the stencils

After applying the Snow Frost Spray, all that is left to do is peel the stencils off the background and repeat the process.

Use a dry rag to clean up any excess

Once you have stenciled your whole window or mirror you may find there is a little excess Santa Snow Spray Frost on the window. All you need to do is take a dry or damp rag and carefully wipe between your snowflakes. The Snow Frost Spray wipes away very easily. Be careful not to accidentally brush any snowflakes as they will wipe off easily.

Decorating your windows in snowflakes will be just as quick and easy as cleaning them up this winter. For more information check out and for a step by step video tutorial check out the video! 

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