DIY Football Fan Pennant Flags and Silverware Caddy

Football Pennant Flags

Attention Super Bowl fans, set your party up right with these decorating tips! In this quick tutorial we show you how to make a fancy set of mini pennant flags and a silverware caddy for your upcoming football party. In this tutorial you will need: Football Field Craft Stencil - Game Day Craft Stencil - Touchdown and Tailgates Craft Stencil - Repositionable Spray Adhesive - Americana Acrylic Craft Paint - White Bristle Stencil Brush - Self-Healing Cutting Mat- Frog Tape Painter's Tape - Gyro-Cut Craft Cutting Tool - You will also need construction paper, an empty six pack box, a ruler, craft glue, and string or twine. Start out by folding your construction paper in half. Using a pencil, lightly mark every three inches along the folded edge. Turn your folded piece of paper around and mark every three inches on the other side in the middle of the marks on the folded edge. Place your ruler so that the edge connects the marks on either side. Using your Gyro-Cut, cut along the ruler to cut out your triangle pennant flags. You will end up with 4 folded triangles and 8 loose triangles. The Gyro-Cut works well for this project since it easily cuts along the edge of the ruler in a straight line. For this project we will only need the folded triangles for the pennant flag. First up is the football field craft stencil. Start by spraying the back of your stencil with repositionable spray adhesive and letting it set for about 30 seconds before pressing the design to the center of the flag. Take your stencil brush and swirl it into white acrylic paint. Once your brush is loaded with paint, swirl the excess off onto a piece of paper towel. The bristles of your brush should feel somewhat dry to the touch before you begin stenciling. This keeps excess paint from bleeding beneath the edges of the design. Swirl the paint through until the color is fully saturated on the surface of the construction paper. Gently peel the stencil off the surface of your pennant flag and stencil the next section of the stencil onto the next pennant flag. Once you stencil the fronts of each flag, stencil the back of each pennant flag as well. With each pennant flag stenciled it is time to attach them to a string. On the inside of the fold, put craft glue along the edge of the triangle and place your string along the inside edge of the fold. Fold the paper over the string and press one side to the glued side. Do this for each pennant flag so that they are evenly spaced along your twine or string. With your pennant flags in place you are ready to stencil your silverware caddy. For the silverware caddy we will be stenciling onto precut pieces of construction paper cut to the dimensions of the empty six pack box. Spray the back of your stencil with repositionable spray adhesive and give it 30 seconds to become tacky before pressing it to the surface of the paper. Mask off the words with Frog Tape Painters tape so that you will be able to stencil them in a different color. Swirl your stencil brush into your yellow Americana Acrylic paint and swirl the excess off onto a piece of paper towel. Now lightly swirl the paint through the stencil until the color is saturated. Next, mask off the yellow goal post so you can stencil the letters in black. For every new color of paint you will need to use a clean stencil brush. Once you have finished painting the stencil design, peel it off the surface of the paper and move on to the next section of the design. Once you stencil each of the four sides of your drinking caddy you are ready to attach the sheets to the sides of the empty six pack box. Use craft glue along the edges on the back of each sheet before pressing them into position. Give your new silverware caddy some time to dry before use! If you enjoyed this tutorial please visit to browse our products!

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