Decorative Art New Years Eve Invitations

Invitations New Years Eve

Now is the time of year to send out invitations to everyone you will be ringing in the new year with this New Years Eve! These decorative art stencils from My Crafty Stencils are perfect for invitations, cards, and fliers. Below are the tools needed for this project;

Champagne First Resolutions Later Stencil –
Drink Champagne & Dance On The Table Stencil –
Kiss Me at Midnight Stencil –
Repositionable Spray Adhesive –
Americana Acrylic Craft Paints –
Black Bristle Stencil Brush –
Frog Tape Painters Tape –

You will also need Black Cardstock, Clear Elmer’s Glue, a plain brush, and assorted glitters.

We’ll be starting with our Drink Champagne and Dance on the Table Craft Stencil. Use your Spray Repositionable Adhesive on the back of your stencil and give it 30-60 seconds to become tacky. Fold your black card stock in half for your card. Stick the stencil to the card front and center. With your stencil in place, distribute some Titanium White Americana acrylic paint onto a paper plate. Take your stencil brush and swirl it into the paint to load the bristles, then swirl the excess paint off onto a paper towel. The bristles of your brush should feel dry to the touch before you start swirling Titanium White into the design. We want to build the white slowly in 2-3 coats.

Finish stenciling the white lettering and put some Americana Shimmering Silver acrylic paint onto a paper plate. Swirl a new stencil brush into the paint and excess off onto the paper towel. Once your stencil brush is dry to the touch, swirl the silver through the embellishments at the top and bottom of the stencil. After 2-3 coats the silver should be filled in completely. At this point the white lettering will be dry. Take a normal, small paint brush and paint a thin layer of Clear Elmer’s Glue through the stencil. Lift the stencil and sprinkle the glue in glitter. Shake off the glitter onto a piece of paper to put back into the glitter container. Set your glittered card to the side to dry while you stencil your next card.

Next we’ll use the Champagne First Resolutions Later stencil design. Use your Spray Repositionable Adhesive on the back of your stencil and press it to the center of your card. With your stencil in place, distribute some Glorious Gold Americana Acrylic Paint onto a paper plate. Load the bristles of your stencils then swirl the excess onto paper towel. Swirl the gold acrylic paint through the stencil until you reach full coverage. For this card, shade the edges of the larger letters with black acrylic paint. Paint the clear craft glue through the stencil, lift it off, and cover the glue in gold glitter!

For the Kiss me at Midnight stencil we used shimmering silver on the clocks, glorious gold on the fireworks, and a romantic Napa Red on kiss. Try using Frog Tape painters tape to keep paint from going outside of your design. On this last card we painted the clear craft glue on heavy, then sprinkled on the glitter before lifting the stencil. They all came out great! We have several decorative stencils to choose from in our decorative New Years Eve stencils. They work amazing for invitations, wall art, or fliers for big New Years Eve events. The only limit to these stencils is your creativity!

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